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Starting point Our starting point of the study is to be neutral

We will also mention some things that do not necessarily improve investments hit among the results, but what is good knowing not to the sides will risk losing the positioning. Question: What are the central methods used in organic SEO to improve a website's local business seo packages ranking in Google's hit results? We will also mention the various dubious practices that violate Google riktlinjer, but can be used to achieve top rankings regardless of whether the pages are the most relevant for a given search or not. Although these methods may improve the ranking profit is normally seen shortlived. If it is affordable local seo services caught, often only a matter of time, can be punished to end up far down among the meeting results, and in the worst case be removed from the index. Question: What are the most common unethical practices contrary to Google's guidelines?.

Method of Accounting and material description seo local business For this paper, literature has been used as a method. We use a qualitative approach. Qualitative methods can be used with an explanatory syfte. This paper focuses on describing the key methods to achieve improved performance in Google Scores and unethical techniques to manipulate search engines. We have started from different sources textbooks, scientific articles and electronic sources. The literature review has been done by the qualitative approach as a starting point. This is characterized by the researcher's interpretation and judgment is framträdande. The various sources have been used to get a large span of the literature and knowledge available in the art. The different types of sources can also fill complementary purposes. Compartment The books give a broad picture of the area and compile the knowledge accumulated over the years.

Scientific publications provide a deeper insight in some areas and examines specific issues. These can also refer to and based on previous research in the area. We have searched for scientific articles in databases as Scopes, ACM Digital Library and IEEE Explore. LIBRIS database has been used to search literature. Much of the knowledge that exists in the area consists of the accumulated experience of those who are active in the SEO field.

These people have been in the profession to optimize web pages wrought practical knowledge and the need to keep abreast of the search engines' continuous changes. Some key figures active in the search engine optimization field can mentioned. Shari Throw has successfully worked with SEO since the mids. She is also the author of, among other things the book Search affordable local seo services Engine Visibility, writer Holmes, I. M.& Solvang, B. One reflection we made in search of articles is that there seems to be more studies of how search engines work and how their algorithms can be improved, than how you should proceed improving webpage positioning and the factors shaping it.

C Holmes, I. M.& Solvang, B. C on Searchengineland and has appeared in several magazines. Matt Cutts works for Google and is a frequent commentator and blogger. For example, he has more than entries in category “Google SEO” on Mattcuttsblog. Jill Whalen has long worked in the industry. She began her career in the early s, operates since, the site HighRankings, and is also a writer on Searchengineguide. Scientific articles are a way to give strength and credibility to this practical knowledge, and thus increase the reliability of the results presented. However, a large amount useful information on blogs and websites dealing with the subject. This has been a help and complement the existing scientific studies in the field.